The Debate – Digital vs. VoIP Why Digital Prevails

Posted at 2:25 pm on 12/14/2015 by Dan McCall
Communications are a fundamental element of conducting business, and a company’s phone system is the first point of contact with its clients. It’s no wonder why deciding between digital or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be such a daunting task. There are several factors to consider when making that decision – budget, ease of use or employment with other devices and systems in place, your current network infrastructure, and reliability to name a few. 
There is no doubt about it, digital systems are less expensive and easier to install, especially if you already have a digital system in place. Converting to a VoIP system normally requires network evaluations and expensive upgrades in local area network (LAN) wiring. When replacing an older digital system with a newer one, the equipment is exchanged and ready for business. Plus, applications are now available for digital systems that allow the same mobility as with VoIP solutions.
When it comes to reliability, again, digital phones have the advantage. IP phones are complicated and have a lot more room for error because they rely on the quality of your internet connection. Issues such as IP address conflicts, packet loss, broadcast storms and more, can leave you without connectivity – and without vital communications. Additionally, when issues with IP phones do arise, there is often slower problem resolution due to multiple vendors being involved. 
In addition, now days, digital systems can be just as easily managed as VoIP systems by using a web interface or remote access – they no longer require a technician on-site to make simple changes or troubleshoot minor issues, which aids in keeping your maintenance cost down. There are even vendors such as McCall Technology Group, who deliver the whole communications solution – from cabling, carrier services, and system installation and support. One point of contact for all your needs can be a great advantage and savings when you choose the right one.

McCall Technology Group is a local area certified Toshiba dealer. Toshiba is rated as one of the top two manufacturers and technology innovators of communication systems in the nation. In addition, McCall Technology Group holds a State Low Voltage License and can provide all types of structured low voltage cabling services. Partnered with over 35 major local dial tone and internet providers - Whatever your business needs are in the communication industry, McCall Technology Group can make it a reality. For more information on services provided, visit or call (352)369-1600.

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